In addition to Network and Systems Administration, I have twelve years experience in web design using HTML, PHP, PERL as well as experience with incorporating MySQL, MIME, CSS, Javascript and XML sitemaps. I also use a good deal of Photoshop and Imagick for the images within my sites.

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  • -- Book a cruise deal or get a quote on a custom cruise

    This was a full site re-work I did for a client of mine. In addition to using PHP and MySQL, this was my first foray into using CSS for a completely table-free layout design. The process has ramped up quickly and I intend to use what I've learned to retro-fit my other live pages as time permits. Any future pages will utilize this table-free layout as well. The advantages in page load and SEO are significant.

    The rest of the functionality of the site was pretty standard. In addition to what the customer sees, however, there are several tools behind the scenes that help my client update his cruise deal listings, customer comments and cruise line information via a series of Admin pages I created for him.

  • -- Paintball Gear Store

    This paintball gear site was first designed entirely in PERL using I spent over 2 years of tweaking here and there to get it just the way I wanted it before a friend turned me on to PHP. It took me about 6 weeks to convert it all to PHP, working on it in my spare time. This site was built from scratch, including the shopping cart which I custom designed to do all the things I wanted it to accomplish. None of the canned shopping cart scripts out there were good enough for what I wanted to do. This is probably the site I am the most proud of.

    Some highlights:

    • Originally coded in PERL and then translated to PHP using only a text editor from scratch.
    • MySQL database to store merchandise info, sales logs, login info and order status.
    • Tracks and displays top 5 selling items.
    • Custom shopping cart that incorporates deal codes, referral bonuses, reward points, and Paypal IPN.
    • Displays customer's purchase history and current order status when they log in.
    • Administration page for tracking order status, updating product images using Imagick and adding new product listings.
    • Google AdSense ads applied.
    • Recently revised to incorporate search engine optimization methods.

  • -- Paintball Price Comparison Site

    The purpose of this site was for online paintball supply shops to display their best prices on their items in an effort to stand out for shoppers looking for the best deals on their merchandise. Revenue will be generated from the voluntary bids of advertisers to showcase a couple of their items within the appropriate category. It is free to post the individual items. The merchant side was just recently completed and there is still a lot of work to do on the customer tools side. This is a work in progress.

    Some Highlights:

    • This site uses four separate MySQL databases to track merchant info, ad info, page view tracking and finally archiving of the tracking results every month.
    • I have a bidding system built in to the merchant area so that they can bid on the 10 available slots for each category to show their selected ads in the "Featured Item" list at the bottom of each category page. The bids auto adjust to the current high bid so your bid is adjusted up to your maximum limit to display the current high bidders. This was the most challenging script I have written for the site and the most fun to watch working.
    • Merchants can track how often their ads are being viewed and decide if they want to change their prices to be more competitive in the market.
    • Coded entirely in PHP from scratch using a text editor.

  • -- Paintball / Anime DVD Store

    My original paintball and anime DVD site, combining two of my passions at the time. This site was pretty much abandoned due to the incredibly small margin on DVDs. So I scrapped the idea and moved to to sell only paintball gear. This site was also first scripted in PERL and then converted to PHP later, mainly for practice and fun. It served as a place holder until the site was finished.

  • -- Artist's gallery

    A friend asked me to help design her a website showcasing her artwork and her web comic as well as a blog when she started her art business. This was the original design. Due to my time constraints, her husband has since taken over the design and administration of her site and currently uses Joomla to maintain their content.

  • -- Permanent Makeup Site

    This was a project for my client's permanent makeup business. The site was done entirely in HTML and is very basic. There are some design elements that I wanted to change to make them look better, but the client likes it the way it is and won't let me change them. This site is still in operation today.

  • -- Online Home Business Start-Up Site

    A basic HTML web portal listing online business opportunities. Unfortunately it was too difficult to find ones that were not scams and the site was eventually abandoned. The site also offered advice on starting a new business via a newsletter that drew its subscription data from a flat text file database. This was before my exposure to MySQL.

  • Miscellaneous

    Various Others

    Some other examples of work I have done are internal web pages for the businesses I've worked for including Motorola and TekservePOS. I have also helped with, or completely designed, many web sites for friends and family members over the years.